About Us

GreatBets was formed by me, Martin in 2016. I have been betting on sports betting ever since I left University in 2002 and over the last 10 years, I have managed to make a profitable income from betting online.

I am a betting enthusiast and I love all sports across the world. I religiously follow all sporting events keeping up to date with all the latest information and insights which always gives me the edge over others I believe. My online betting tips have made me a profit over this period of time and although it has not been a complete upward curve, I have managed to adapt my system to make it profitable.

When I was first starting out, I was betting on anything and everything and I had no real order to what I was doing. The net result was that I won a lot of bets but I also lost a lot of bets too. Overall I was not really up or down, I was breaking even but it was not worth all the time I was spending to break even.

I decided to create a set of rules on what sports I betted on, and only bet on the ones that I believe have a greater chance of winning and to bet on less sports too. With this combination, I was able to pick more winners and less losers and to make a profit for myself.

With this insight, I decided that I wanted to create an online sports betting system that I could share to the public and show them how profitable sports betting - be it a horse betting tips or football betting tips - can really be. I do not claim to be able to get 10/1 winners and so on, but I am very good at picking consistent selections that do win a lot of the time and to make profit on consistent basis.

Sports betting can be risky, but with my approach, I am confident that I can make a profit for my subscribers and that subscribers who follow my system will make a great income.