We have put together this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to try and help members out to understand more about the GreatBets system. This section will be updated frequently with more and more questions to try and make everything clear to our members. If you feel we need to add any additional questions on here, we would welcome any feedback so please get in touch.

1. How much money do I need to start using your service?

We would recommend a minimum of £1,000. You can start with lower as we do not place the whole amount in a single bet, but £1,000 is a more than a good amount to cover a possible downturn. A £1,000 bank would be considered a safe bank to start on. Anymore would be a bonus.

2. How much should I bet with your picks? Is it level staking?

We will advise you how much to bet based on a £1,000 bank. Our stakes are based on that £1,000 starting bank. Normally we advise £10, £20 and £30 stakes - which we give as 10, 20 or 30 points. So if we give a 10 point bet, that means a £10 bet as long as you have a minimum of £1,000 as your bank balance.

3. If I have more than £1,000, how much should I stake?

This really is up to you. Normally, we would advise the band of £1,000 normal stakes of £10 / £20 and £30.

If you have a bank of £5,000, you could times our stakes by 5, so bet £50 / £100 and £150. The trick is to start low using our £1,000 model with the 10/20/30 stakes. Monitor the success and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

4. How many bets do you send out?

Generally there is no limit, but most days we give between 2-3 tips. However this number is often higher at the weekends as there is a lot more betting action.

5. Whats sports do you bet on?

95% of our bets are from horse racing. Simply because there is so much horse racing available and all our horse racing bets are from the UK and/or Ireland. We do dabble in other sports too - and thats why we call ourselves a multi sports betting service. But our bread and butter so to speak is horse racing.

6. What bookmakers do you use?

The bookmakers we advise are Bet365, Boyle Sports and Paddy Power. These are the bookmakers that we find offer the best odds and they all offer Best Odds Guaranteed as well which is great for horse racing.

7. Can I use a Betfair account?

There is no harm in using a Betfair account. Sometimes you may get worse odds than us, and sometimes you may get better odds than us, but overall, I would say it is very similar.

8. Will my account get closed down for making too much money?

I think this is a urban myth. Plenty of people have had closed accounts for signing up for the bonuses, and then laying them off with Betfair, and collecting their bonus profits. Traditional bookmakers hate this and will close your account. Sure, no bookmaker likes you winning all the time, but you would need to win hundreds of thousands for them to consider closing your account.

9. What does Outright mean? You have given a bet that says Outright

Outright is the same as to win. So if we have a bet as outright, it simply means that selection to win.

10. I think your service is expensive, and there any other better services out there?

Everyone has their view - however, we feel our service is fully justified it ins price. We have massive discounts on the bigger plans - we have weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and yearly options available. I personally do not know any other service that has made profits every month like we have and made the massive amounts that we have made. So everyone is entitled to their view, but I think we offer a great service that offers fantastic profits.

11. I am abroad and unable to open a bookmaker account. Can you trade on my behalf or help?

We only act as a body to give you the tips. You cannot give us your money and we cannot bet on your behalf. You would need to open up your own betting account and follow our tips yourself.

12. When are your tips sent to me?

The tips are sent daily to you - and normally between 10AM to 12.00 each day. The bets typically start from 14:00, so you normally have a good 2 hours plus to place your bets.

13. Can I place all bets together, or does the outcome of one affect the next?

All bets can be placed together at the same time. It should only take you a few minutes to place all our bets and then you can relax for the day. Follow the results and see how we get on.

14. How often do you update your results?

Results are updated on the website at the end of each day typically. We try to keep our results section as up to date as possible.

15. I love your service, can I get a discount? I see you are offering affiliates an amount, can I come direct to you and you give that discount to me?

We work with affiliates because they do a great job at spreading the word of our success and we rely on them. We can never cut them out and that would not be ethical. We cannot also offer single discounts as it would be unfair to out other paying members. The prices that we charge are listed on the website and these are the best that we can do.

16. I am not sure about signing up, and I want a free trial to monitor your success.

I am afraid we no longer offer a free trial on our website. We used to, but it was abused and for that reason we offer a low membership which is our weekly membership option. I strongly encourage you to check the results at the end of each day - consider than your free trial and see how we are doing. We also have many review websites testing our system, so go to our Testimonials page. Or even better still, type in "GreatBets Review" into Google and read what anyone or everyone is saying about us!

17. How come you guys are so confident at what you do?

This is not a formula that I came up with overnight. It has taken years of perfection and discipline. It is a strategic approach that I made and I know month on month it will work as long as the system is followed. I am confident that we can deliver profits after profits for our members.

18. What is your strategy? Why do you have bigger bets on some days and lower on other days/

Our bets are dependent on multiple factors. Things like - how is the overall action for the day, how confident we are, how many valid selections there are, and many other things. We will advise larger stakes when we are more confident and lower stakes when less confident.

19. How much is your biggest stake?

We only bet stakes of 10/20/30. In the past, we have used different stakes, but we have finetuned the system so that these are the only stakes used. You can of course increase these stakes, as these are based on a £1.000 bank.

20. How much profit will I make with your system?

Based on a £1,000 bank, on average you should make £300+ on a monthly basis. The idea is to gradually increase your bank and then increase the stakes.

21. Have you ever had a losing month?

Luckily, at the time of writing - 16th January 2017, we have never had a losing run - and this is something we are extremely proud of and something we want to maintain!

22. I have signed up but I do not appear to have access?

Something may have gone wrong on the sign up process, but normally you should go via PayPal and then return to our website to make an account. If this has not happened, email us at info@greatbets.co.uk and we will sort it out.

23. I want to upgrade my membership to a bigger plan. What do I do?

Simply email us at info@greatbets.co.uk and we can advise you on what to do.