Sports Betting Tips

GreatBets is a leading multi sports betting tipster that provides sports betting tips on a number of different sports including horse racing, football, tennis and much much more. Wherever there is an opportunity, we are there!

We are a top rated sports tipster that provides premium betting tips for our members. We are highly endorsed with multiple betting review websites who have given us a top rating. We have also made record high profits for our members with our sports betting tips and we are widely known as one of the best sports tipsters out there in the market today.

All our betting tips are sent to you on a daily basis when you sign up as a member to GreatBets. Our premium betting tips are normally sent to you by 12 noon each day together with the advice on which bookmaker to use. Over 90% of out sports betting tips tend to be from horse racing purely because you get the best odds in these markets and this is also our most profitable market as well.

We also recommend using traditional bookmakers as opposed to Betfair. You can still use Betfair and make a profit, but with traditional bookmakers you can benefit from our premium betting tips with BOG. BOG stands for Best Odds Guarantee and it means that these bookmakers will pay out at either the SP (Starting Price) or the odds you bet at - whichever one is higher.

Our sports betting tips are generally at great value odds for our members and we always try to ensure that the tips that we provide have a great chance of winning. Each sports betting tip is carefully researched and analysed before sending it to you.

So, if you are looking for a top rated sports tipster that gives premium betting tips, look no further than GreatBets. Our premium sports betting tips will help you to make a great profit from sports betting and you will no doubt understand why GreatBets is one of the leading sports tipsters out there.