At GreatBets we pride ourselves on providing a top class service and we allow all affiliates to test our system to see how good we really are. We have nothing to hide and we believe we offer a truly great service. Read below our independent feedback from people who have tested our system and see their actual thoughts. Everything written is 100% independent and correct.

Chris Worrall at Geegeez - www.geegeez.co.uk (Trial Completed - Approved)
An independent website dedicated to UK and Irish racing

What a wonderful 60 day trial of GreatBets we've had. To class it a success would appear to be an understatement but I was very pleasantly surprised by the consistent performance of this service and delighted with an outstanding profit at its conclusion. In truth, there's very little else to say about the service. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and it's been a lovely pudding to gorge on these past couple of months. Let's end positively and I can make this claim this quite easily. GreatBets deserves the highest accolade of 5 stars and is a GreatRecommendation. Read More


Graham Laurie at Cash Master - www.cash-master.com/blog/ (Trial Completed - Approved)
A 100% independent website that reviews all betting systems.

I have been reviewing Great Bets. The trial ended UP 982.8 (£982 at £1 per point) points from which approximately £300 or less of subscriptions need to be deducted. Looking at the website results, a 500-point bank from £500 is used on the results page to get £1 per point, so a £1000 account you should be able to run at £2 per point, etc. Another thing I'd consider regarding stakes is to compound by setting the £ per point each week or month, or in my case every time the account grows by 50%, and ratchet (never reduce stakes) to really make the account grow. Given the nice profit and the fantastic figures in the full results I have no hesitation is classifying the service as approved. Read More


Paula at Betting System Truths - www.bettingsystemtruths.com (Trial Completed - Approved)
An independent betting website that reviews all betting systems

GreatBets is a straightforward tipster service, offering bets on sports, primarily Horse Racing, Football and Tennis. Starting with a 1000 point bank and using standard stakes of 10 points per bet, I monitored results from 3rd November 2016 to 28th January 2017 using a mixture of advised prices (where I can validate them) and Betfair SP. With a £1,000 start bank, the system made £760.90 with advised stakes. In short the service was profitable on all counts. Clearly the service passed the trial, it was profitable and the customer service was very good. I have awarded it 4 1/2*, as it was consistently profitable. Read More


Dan Flanagan at Honest Betting Reviews - www.honestbettingreviews.com (Trial Completed - Approved)
With a massive 165% growth of the bank over the trial, Great Bets has positively smashed it and is one of the best trials we have experienced for a while. A very tasty 827 points profit were made, which would be £578 after subscription costs if you were betting at £1 per point, or £3,886 if you were able to bet at £5 per point. The results published on the website for the period prior to our trial are mighty impressive too, with over 2,500 points profit made and 11 profitable months out of 11. If you are serious about your betting, we can highly recommend joining that elite group of Great Bets members. Read More


Louis Delay at The Total Betting Club - www.thetotalbettingclub.com (Trial Completed - Approved)
A website that help to help you search for profitable betting systems.

This service has been trialled to Louis from The Total Betting Club for 6 weeks and the results have been really impressive. The profits for the trial were over +50.0 points. Read More


Lucy Collins at Lay Back And Get Rich - www.laybackandgetrich.com (Trial Ongoing)
Quality Betting Systems To Make You Richer

Great Bets is positioned as a multi-sports service but to date, all but five bets have been on horse racing. There has been one tennis bet and four others on football. It follows that I don't really know if month #1 of my trial has been typical. What I can say is that, to date, it has been exceptional, delivering a master class in low risk, high return betting. Another positive point is that I have regularly beaten the odds advised by the tipster when I've come to put on my bets. This makes a refreshing change from so many services that seem to be able to obtain stellar odds that disappear the moment I enter the market. So, all in all, I'm officially excited. Read More


Matt Houghton at Betting Rant - www.bettingrant.co.uk (Trial Ongoing)
A website dedicated to guide you through the good, bad and ugly of sport and sport's betting.

This is an impressive start for the trial with a capital gain of around 50% achieved which if maintained will make this a must have service. Priced at the higher end of the market the premium has thus far been justified. The service felt right from the outset with no undue hype and a professional approach to everything. We will continue to monitor and update the review in February. For those who like a straightforward, easy to follow service then we suggest you should take a good look at this one. Read More


Ben Doyle at Money Makers Reviewed - www.moneymakersreviewed.co.uk (Trial Ongoing)
A website that reviews the latest UK Business Opportunities and income streams.

The performance of Great Bets is by far and away the most impressive part of the service (so far), and it is exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned expense not being the same as value for money. In the lifetime of the service (since March 2016), Great Bets has yet to encounter a losing month. This is a fantastic feat in and of itself, however it is the amount of income that has been generated that really stands out. Read More


Steve Carter at The Betting School Insiders Club - www.bettinginsiders.com (Trial Ongoing)
The home of probably the best betting club in the UK.

This is a stand-alone betting service offering emailed tips for horse racing, football, tennis, snooker and Formula 1. There was only one day without any selections during January and the 115 bets produced 42 winners, a strike rate of 36.52% and a profit of 508.64 points to advised stakes and odds with BOG, an ROI of 23.87%. There were 5 football bets with all the rest being win singles on horse racing.


Clive Keeling at What Really Wins Money - www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk (Trial Ongoing)
This review started on the 19th January and is currently ongoing. No current updates have been posted.


We are always open to exploring new relationships with websites who wish to review our service, and if you would like to test our system, please feel free to email us at info@greatbets.co.uk.