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Punter Who Landed £1.7 Million Jackpot in Casino ‘Glitch’ Wins Landmarks High Court Battle

Gavel and Casino Chips on LaptopA casino gamer who won a £1.7 million jackpot has finally won an epic court battle lasting more than three years.

Andrew Green landed the seven-figure payday while playing Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack back in January 2018, and – as you would naturally do – he put the champagne on ice as he told his family and friends and set about withdrawing his winnings.

However, after a delay of a few days, Betfred Casino refused to pay out – claiming a ‘software error’ in the mechanics of the game made it more likely to pay out higher sums than programmed by the developer, Playtech.

Reports online suggest that Betfred allegedly offered Green a much smaller payout as a token of goodwill. Green, as you might yourself, refused the deal.

Green took his battle to court, and after protracted wrangling the matter was passed on to the UK High Court – three years since he won the jackpot in the first place.

Betfred wanted a full court trial, however Green’s lawyers issued an ultimatum – pay up or provide an undeniable defence.

And Mrs Justice Foster, who presided over the case, ruled in the 54-year-old’s favour, stating that the terms & conditions which the casino had attempted to use as a defence were ‘inadequate’ and ‘…just not apt to cover the circumstances of this case at all.’

“It is not dealing with the failure to pay out winnings at all,” the judge decreed.

“Nor is it dealing with a fault or glitch or programming mistake that is undetectable to either party.”

What is interesting for all casino gamers is that Betfred’s attempts to limit their liability were insufficiently communicated to Green, and so could not be incorporated into the ‘gaming contracts’ that the bettor and the operator entered into.

It has now been confirmed that Betfred will not contest the ruling.

A Win for Everybody

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As you can imagine, Green was delighted with the verdict.

“I’m numb, very numb,” he told the Press Association.

“Pleased it’s over and done with, still so unreal. I don’t know what to say, it’s just unreal, we finally got it to an end, there’s relief.

“I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel so incredibly happy and relieved – for me, my family and my legal team.

“I did nothing wrong, I played a game, I was congratulated for five days on being a millionaire, and then it was snatched away from me.”

And the jubilant millionaire had a message for other online casino gamers who might find themselves in a similar position in the future.

“This to me today isn’t just a win for me, it’s a win for everybody that they can’t treat people like this,” Green said.