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How Many Birdies Were Made in the Masters in 2023?

Augusta National, the course where the Masters is held each year, is regularly ranked as one of the toughest golf courses in the world. However, this certainly did not deter those competing in the 2023 Masters, as a very impressive 878 birdies were made across the four 18-hole rounds of the tournament. In this article, we will highlight which holes saw the most birdies, before then taking a look at which players made the most birdies overall.

Below, we have compiled a table to show how many birdies were scored at each hole of Augusta’s iconic course in the 2023 Masters.

Hole Birdies Scored
1 22
2 120
3 47
4 17
5 13
6 33
7 33
8 113
9 41
Front Nine Total 439
10 21
11 15
12 49
13 108
14 25
15 123
16 51
17 19
18 28
Back Nine Total 439
Overall Total 878

It’s close, but hole 15 can officially be crowned the birdie hotspot of the 2023 Masters, with a huge 123 birdies being made there. Named Firethorn, hole 15 is a 550-yard par five, with the Masters website describing it as a “famously reachable par five when the winds are favourable.”

Another interesting point is that the exact same number of birdies (439) were scored on both the front and back nine holes of the course. This is quite the coincidence but even so, the organisers at Augusta must be very pleased with the balance of the layout! It is also worth noting that the most birdies were scored in Round 1 of the tournament (280), with the number scored in Round 3 (157) and 4 (180), much lower due to the cut.

Last Year: In 2022 there were a total of 827 birdies.

Which Players Had the Most Birdies at the 2023 Masters?

The 2023 Masters was won, quite convincingly, by Jon Rahm, with the Spaniard finishing a seriously impressive 12 under par. However, interestingly enough, he did not make the most birdies in the tournament. Below, we have put together a table to show the five golfers that scored the most birdies in the 2023 US Masters.

Player Total Number of Birdies
Jordan Spieth 21
Phil Mickelson 21
Jon Rahm 19
Patrick Reed 19
Cameron Young 19

As we can see, despite winning the overall tournament by four shots, Rahm was actually joint third in the birdie table behind Americans Jordan Spieth and Phil Mickelson. Both of these two are previous winners, with Spieth winning his first and only Masters championship back in 2015. Mickelson, on the other hand, is a serial winner, having won this famous tournament on three occasions, as well as having 45 PGA tour wins to his name! In Jon Rahm’s case, this was his first ever Masters triumph, although he did win the US Open in 2021.