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Are Live Streaming Channels with Pooled Staking the Future of Online Casino Gaming?

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The world of technology moves fast.

It’s barely two decades since we were playing Snake on our Nokia 3210 phones and proclaiming the PlayStation 2 to be the greatest thing to ever happen, ever.

Now, we can do tremendous things online, and the proliferation of super-fast broadband has given rise to the streaming generation of YouTube and Twitch aficionados.

You have to move with the times, and online casino gaming has already begun to welcome streaming of its own – albeit in a player-audience kind of way.

The Scandinavian firm ComeOn have identified an opportunity in online casino streaming, and that has precipitated their new product launch – WeSpin.

You can make your own mind up as to whether this is something you’d be interested in or not, but the premise is certainly unique in this rapidly growing sector.

The idea is thus: a streamer will load up a casino gaming session – be it roulette, blackjack, slots or some other title – and, if you like their style, you can essentially ‘invest’ in them by buying into a pooled staking kitty.

Should the streamer then enjoy some success, you will be paid out proportionately to the amount you staked in the pool.

That’s the black-and-white of WeSpin beneath the hyperbole, and it’s certainly an interesting venture. It means that you can, in essence, win more for staking less if the pool is packed with punters – you could be part of a stake per spin or per hand that is far beyond your normal buy-in level.

There is the chance to play max spin on slot games if there is enough liquidity, so the opportunity to play jackpot games on max bet – with jackpots of 10,000x your total stake – are available.

You can join WeSpin as a bettor or even as a streamer if you have an urge to broadcast your ups and downs to the world.

In the lobby, you’ll see the names of streamers and what time their sessions will start, as well as the game they will be playing and the total pool of stake money raised so far. You can chat with the streamer and decide how much you want to buy-in with – once the session is live, you will be able to join in and watch the action unfold.

What is Casino Streaming?

Man with Mobile Phone at Casino Table

As you probably know, streaming has been made popular in recent years by so-called influencers who post videos of them playing computer games, doing their make-up, pulling pranks and other such things.

Casino gaming has also moved into the space, and today you can watch lots of different gamers try their luck at the tables via YouTube, Twitch and other platforms.

Load up the casino category on Twitch and you will see more than 500,000 users, with single gaming sessions easily drawing in a few thousand watchers when the streamer has the necessary reach.

It’s an exciting new vertical for online casino gaming to explore, and the opportunity to get involved – established by WeSpin, more operators will surely follow – adds a rather exciting new dimension to proceedings.