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Cashless Casinos and Crypto Chips: Is Resorts World Las Vegas the Blueprint Gaming in the Future?

Cryptocurrency and Casino ChipsIt’s rare that a new casino opening its doors on the Las Vegas strip warrants any more than a raise of the eyebrows.

But Resorts World, the new casino property from Genting, will be one of the first to open its doors for the first in the middle of the pandemic, and the way in which they will be conducting their business suggests that other Sin City venues may well follow suit.

The marketing fluff behind Resorts World Las Vegas claims this will be the most ‘technologically advanced casino in the world’, and while such claims are hard to verify it is noteworthy that the brains behind the brand have identified ways to operate smarter in a new world.

Ahead of the venue’s June 24 opening, it has been revealed that Resorts World will enable cashless gaming, allowing patrons to place their bets via a wallet system on their smartphones.

The resort’s own proprietary GamingPlay digital wallet, housed within the Resorts World app, has been synced up to the Synkros platform developed by Konami to ensure a seamless experience for all.

“When Resorts World Las Vegas and Konami Gaming first launched an official partnership at the start of 2020, we set out to reinvent the hospitality experience in Las Vegas by bringing seamless interaction, leading-edge convenience, personalized engagement, and catered service to every guest touchpoint,” said Tom Jingoli, the chief operating officer at Konami Gaming.

“The opening of Resorts World Las Vegas marks a significant historical moment for our city and the global gaming industry, and Konami is incredibly excited to be part of delivering unforgettable entertainment and seamless experiences to guests in entirely new ways.”

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The new Resorts World facility will not be small fry, with more than 117,000 sq ft of gaming action headlined by a bank of 1,400 slot machines, more than 100 gaming tables, a dedicated poker room and a sportsbook.

This will be one of the first times that a venue so grand has been powered exclusively by an app and digital payments, and so you suspect the industry will be watching on with interest to see how bettors take to Resort Worlds’ unique approach.

Make no mistake, in the near future there will still be a reticence amongst some to handle cash – some experts believe that this will lead to the acceleration of a completely cashless society.

The Resorts World app will allow customers to pay for everything digitally – from their gaming to food and drink. They can check their Genting Rewards balance too, and even receive special offers and promotions in real-time on their phones.

The app will be available across both slots and table games, with customers simply needing to login to their unique account and fund their wallet via the typical online sources such as debit cards and e-wallets.

Each of the ‘smart’ gaming tables will have a unique system of embedded RFID chips, and this will be synced with a patron’s online account so that they can wager accurately using the funds in their wallet.

“Our vision at Resorts World Las Vegas has always been to provide first-of-its-kind experiences across every element of the resort, including gaming,” said Rick Hutchins, the senior vice president of casino operations at the brand.

“Through our partnerships with best-in-class gaming technology partners, we will offer our guests a fully integrated experience, not just on the gaming floor, but across the entire resort.”