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Genesis Global Finally Have Their UK Licence Reinstated

Roulette WheelAfter three months of suspension, Genesis Global has finally had their licence reinstated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and so as of today (Friday October 16) they are free to welcome customers to their casino sites without restriction.

The brand, which operates the likes of Casoola, Casino Gods, Casino Joy and Spinit, had originally had their licence revoked by the regulator in July over an alleged breach of section 118 of the Gambling Act 2005.

After the suspension was announced, Genesis Global’s CEO Ariel Reem confirmed that the firm worked hard to right the wrongs that saw them temporarily banned from operating in the UK market. He said: “We are pleased to announce that the suspension of our UKGC license has been lifted, as a result of the intensive work and huge dedication our business has demonstrated in the last few months.

“This is clear testament to our commitment to both UK regulations and to our customers. We are also hugely thankful to our staff for their dedication and trust, and to our suppliers who have assisted in rectifying a difficult situation which arose during unusual economic circumstances for the whole world.”

Reem has confirmed that Genesis will continue to work closely with the Commission to ensure that all licence requirements are satisfied and that no further breaches of their legislation are suffered.

Disproportionate and Inconsistent

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Upholding the statutes of the Gambling Act 2005 is the bread and butter of the UKGC, and they take no prisoners when it comes to revoking and suspending licenses.

In a statement issued in July, they revealed that they had temporarily suspended Genesis Global’s licence until a formal review could be completed. “We have commenced a review under section 116 of the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act) and, under section 118 of the Act, have decided to suspend Operating Licence No 000-045235-R-324169-010 Combined Remote Operating Licence – Real Event Betting, Virtual Betting, and Casino held by Genesis Global Limited whilst that review takes place. This is due to a number of compliance issues.”

That prohibited any of Genesis’ brands from operating on UK soil until they were notified otherwise, with section 116 of the Gambling Act 2005 handing the Commission powers to review any matter linked to an operating licence where it:

  • (a)has reason to suspect that activities may have been carried on in purported reliance on the licence but not in accordance with a condition of the licence
  • (b)believes that the licensee, or a person who exercises a function in connection with or is interested in the licensed activities, has acquired a conviction of a kind mentioned in section 71(1)
  • (ci)suspects that the licensee may be unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities
  • (cii)thinks that a review would be appropriate

Genesis immediately announced their intention to appeal the UKGC’s decision, calling the suspension ‘disproportionate but also inconsistent’ with the Commission’s previous assessment of the firm, which hadn’t uncovered any adverse material findings’.

That appeal will now be dropped given that their licence has been returned to them, although it should be noted that the Commission’s review process is still ongoing.