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Online Casino Offers £5,000 to Watch Every Episode of The Simpsons to Predict Future Events

TV Remote Against Blue BackgroundDo you love The Simpsons? Do you adore money?

If you answered yes to either of the above, then you will love the ‘job’ opportunity being offered by Platin Casino, a UK licensed brand operated by Viral Interactive Limited.

They are offering one lucky applicant the chance to earn £5,000, and all you have to do is watch every episode of The Simpsons ever made!

If you were interested in what that translates to as an hourly rate, you’d be getting roughly £6.80 per episode – that works out at a handsome wage of around £20 per hour before tax.

You might have reached this point and be thinking why on earth is an online casino offering such a ludicrous opportunity? Well, as you may know, The Simpsons has had a habit of predicting the future – and Platin Casino want to know what 2022 holds before it happens.

“It’s a well-known phenomenon that The Simpsons has predicted major life events, and in our industry we too like to predict what the future has in store for us,” a post on the firm’s website reads.

“So, after a hard couple of years, we at are intrigued to see what 2022 will hold….”

“Ahead of the new year, we thought we’d put The Simpsons to the test and see if, after analysing every single episode, it can help us to predict the future. As part of our mission to do this, we’re happy to announce that we’re looking for our first, official, Simpsons Series Analyst!”

It’s a ginormous publicity stunt, of course, but credit to Platin Casino for the ingenuity and if they see it through, it’s a fantastic coup for them as a company – the story has gone viral in the national media – and for the fortunate individual who gets to watch Homer Simpson mucking about for a handy stipend payment.

The Simpsons and Their Crystal Ball

Businessman with Question Mark Crystal Ball

All joking aside, it’s uncanny how often The Simpsons has accurately predicted the future – as many as 30 major global events have been portrayed by the cartoon family ahead of them actually happening since the show first aired in 1989.

Donald Trump’s run to the White House was scarcely believable, and to prove that the truth is stranger than fiction The Simpsons had actually predicted as such 16 years prior to the business mogul winning the Presidential election.

Homer Simpson, generally not the brightest, once predicted the future of particle physics when he wrote an equation on a blackboard in one episode – that turned out to be almost the exact same formula for the Higgs-Boson.

From the horse meat scandal and Capitol Hill riots to Ebola, smart watches (predicted 20 years before the first Apple Watch was revealed) and Richard Branson in space, The Simpsons has had a spooky gift for pre-empting the future.

Even the unlucky-in-life and love Milhouse has his Nostradamus like qualities, once predicting that Finnish economist Bengt Holstrom would win the Nobel Prize – he did, six years later.